Wedding Officiant Services

I'm a professional Wedding Officiant with experience customizing and editing wedding vows. I’m here to help you decide how you'd like to present your vows.  I work with the best vendors in town. Together we can customize your  Declaration Of Intent and Pronouncement. I provide custom services for any denomination. With my bubbly personality themed weddings are my favorites. Give me a call so we can start planning together!


Wedding Officiant Services

Lively and Fun

I care about making your event the best possible experience for everyone involved. It's my job to make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the event you imagine is the event you’ll get. I will customize your ceremony to fit your desires.

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Vow Editing Services

Individual or Couple

Whatever the circumstances, I am here to make your event extra special. Although you love your partner, it can be a bit difficult to put your feelings into words. Together we can make it happen. This is your day, and it is my goal to help make it exactly what you've dreamed of.

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Hand Fasting Ceremony

Perfectly Planned

Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. Trust me to take care of all your ceremonial details. This service is customized to fit your budget and specific needs, so you don't have to worry about a thing. I guarantee your guests will be raving about the event afterward.

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Candle Lighting Ceremony


Experiencing a candle lighting ceremony at a wedding is amazing. It symbolizes two becoming one. The flames represent the spirit that dwells in both partners. The candle lighting ceremony involves each partner lighting a single candle and then using them to light one large candle. Leave it up to me!

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